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Technical features

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Unique stock keeping optimisation

Up until now, suppliers have had to stock every stamp size in every colour in their warehouse in order to provide an attractive product range. Let's take the example of the usual 6 sizes of the Printer Standard (i.e. Printer 10–60) in 8 product colours (black, red, blue, green, etc.): this requires 48 stock keeping units (SKUs). In the case of the new Printer, the colours are defined using the ImageCardTM, and the stamp itself is available only in two basic colours: black and white. ImageCards in four different colours are automatically packaged along with each stamp, thus drastically reducing the number of stock keeping units. Only 12 stock keeping units are required in order to do so. Rubber stamp makers or even retailers can therefore free up to 75 % of their warehousing space, without reducing their product range.

Easy to detach image window & Easy pad exchange

Easy removal of the image window makes replacing the ImageCardTM and the inkpad simple. Optimised inkpads, which are also compatible with the previous model, ensure mess-free pad replacement. By the way, the previous Printer inkpads can also be used for the new model without problems.

Anti sliding technology

The anti-slide mechanism is integrated in the transparent "casing" and makes it possible to get a firm grip on the document to be marked. The rubber anti-slide mechanism covers a large area and is injected directly onto the material, making it particularly effective and impossible to lose when using the stamp on the go.


The new Printer is also available with a cover – makes the stamp to a first class accessory for the mobile use.

Extra fast assembly & Serial number for product identification

The new Printer can be stood on its head and remain stable during text plate assembly, and the protection foil over the adhesive surface of the text plate holder has already been detached, meaning there is no need to go through the complicated process of removing this foil. This, along with the existing grid and a TOP identification, results in easier and quicker text plate positioning and assembly.

If needed the in the product engraved unique serial number allows a precise tracking and can serve among others as a confirmation that it is an original COLOP stamp.

CO2 neutral - We take responsibility

The new Printer generation has been optimised in line with environmental principles. Unavoidable CO2 emissions released during production are offset through investments in climate protection projects (GOLD STANDARD projects). Based on the 'cradle to gate' system boundary, the new Printer is therefore CO2-neutral.

Transparent base & Innovative frame concept

The transparent “casing” gives the Printer a modern appearance and ensures precise positioning of the imprint.

The horizontal frame strengthens the hinges and makes the stamp more stable. The precise sliding mechanism enables smooth stamp movement. For users, this means easier and more comfortable stamping. The novel design also makes a very pleasant sound when stamping – something frequent users will certainly learn to appreciate.

But that is not all: the new stamp is ten percent smaller than its predecessor, and is thus unbelievably small and light, as well as compact and robust. This not only improves the look of the product, but also renders warehousing and transport more resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly.